May at Shir!

Shabbat Song and Study
May 16, 10am
Location: ZOOM

We will continue our exploration of Pirkei Avot chapters 2, 3, 4, and 6. You are strongly encouraged to take a look at the text and choose a perek you would like to discuss. Send it to Rabbi Michal.

Musical Shabbat Service 
May 22, 7pm
Location:  ZOOM

Irv Gottschalk, Jason Steigman, and Jim Winston will join Rabbi Michal for a musical service exploring the theme of opening – to reality and to possibility.

Shabbat/Shavuot Service with Yizkor
May 30, 10am
Location:  ZOOM
Join us for the morning liturgy, Book of Ruth, and Yizkor.


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April at Shir!

Shabbat Song and Study
April 25, 10am
Location: ZOOM

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It is the double parashah that induces fear and trembling in every spring b’nai mitzvah! Tazria-Metzorah teaches us about handling mysterious aspects of living in a body (or in fabrics or houses) such as childbirth and spiritually induced rashes. Because it is Rosh Chodesh Iyyar as well, we get to sing hallel and might choose to turn to the special haftarah, or a bit of pirke avot, traditionally read between Shavuot and Pesach (if we have had our fill of bodily afflictions!)





Contemporary Topical Conversations
Thursday April 30, 7pm

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The CSH Adult Education team is launching monthly discussions based on Reconstructing Judaism’s “EVOLVE – Groundbreaking Jewish Conversations.” Each conversation responds to one of the essays on the EVOLVE website.

Our first topic will be “Handling Subjectivity with More Care: There is Right and Wrong,” by Tamar Kamionkowski. The teaser on this essay says: “The integrity of any community depends on honesty in business and all interpersonal transactions, teaches the book of Deuteronomy. Fraudulence is an abomination.” Please read the essay before the meeting if possible!



February at Shir!

Song and Study
February 8, 10am
Locations: Woll/Sweeney Residence
The Israelites start to take the long way home and run into a sea. Then cool things happen! The coffee (and tea) is ready at 9:45.
Bring a Torah translation and treat to share.


Musical Service and Potluck
February 14, 6:30pm
Location:  Shir Space at Plymouth

To borrow the title of a Hafiz poem and poetry collection:
The Subject Tonight is Love. 
Bring a dish to feed 6-8, dairy/veggie/fish/chocolate


Shabbat Community Table
February 21, 6pm
Location:  Private Home




January at Shir!

Musical Service and Potluck
January 10, 6:30pm
Locations: Shir space at Plymouth

As we move from Hanukkah to MLK Day, we will add some songs of protest, justice, and change to our Shabbat liturgy.

Shabbat Community Table
January 17, 6pm
Location:  TBA

Always lovely, intimate, and delicious.

Morning Service
January 25,10am
Location: Shir Space @ Plymouth

We will celebrate Shabbat and explore Parashat Va’era,
which includes the encounter at the burning bush and the beginning of the devastation of the plagues.



December at Shir!

 Song and Study

December 14,10am
Locations: 2400 E Stratford Ct.

In Parashat Vayishlach we watch Jacob struggle with himself, his brother, and a mysterious being. Come sing, learn, and nosh. The coffee (and tea) is ready at 9:45.
Bring a Torah translation and treat to share.

Shabbat Community Table

December 20, 6pm
Location:  2400 E Stratford Ct.

Begin this long, dark night with the light and warmth
of Shabbat and community. We will host a “Shabbat Seder” with the traditional, and some untraditional, elements and blessings, and sing songs about darkness and light into the evening. RSVP to come.

Shabbat Hanukkah!!

December 27, 6:30pm
Location:  Shir Space at Plymouth

Music! Latkes! Candles! Dinner! Be there!!
Bring your Chanukkiah (Chanukkah menorah), seven candles, a dish to share (latke makers have been assigned!), your best singing voice,  and your friendliest smile!




Help make the holiday season more joyous for families in the Meta House shelter by providing gifts for their youngest residents. See here for details on purchasing, packaging, and delivering gifts of toys, clothing, and daily necessities for 22 infants. Gift an item or everything for a child, as you are able. Items will be collected through December 15.



For the 20-something-th year, Congregation Shir Hadash will be cooking and serving Christmas dinner for patrons of the St. Vincent DePaul meal site south. Please consider donating food, time, and/or funds for this worthy, and rewarding, effort.

Find details and sign up here.



High Holy Days

Each fall our doors are wide open for all who wish to celebrate the High Holy Days in community. Tickets are not required for members or guests, however guests are encouraged to make a donation to the congregation as they are able.

At Congregation Shir Hadash you will encounter much that you would expect at Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services: special liturgy, beautiful music, hearing the shofar, reciting yiskor. You will also experience some things you might not expect: interpretive poetry, personal stories from congregation members, a warm, welcoming atmosphere, the opportunity to come up ​to the Torah ​for a group aliyah.​

Our Rosh Hashanah observance includes a community tashlich ceremony at the Milwaukee river and a second day retreat where we take a deep dive into a specific theme. Yom Kippur begins with the powerful Kol Nidre service and ends in a communal break the fast, with many opportunities for prayer, reflection, movement, and connection in between.

The ​Days of Awe at Shir Hadash feel a lot like our ​events throughout the year – only higher!

2019/5780 High Holy Day Service Schedule


Sunday, September 29
Kabbalat HaShanah – Welcoming the New Year
7:30pm – 9:00pm
Dessert Oneg

Monday, September 30
Shacharit/Morning Services
9:30am – 12:30pm
Location: Hubbard Park in Shorewood

Tuesday, October 1
Rosh Hashanah Retreat
9:30am – 2:00pm
Location: Private Home, contact us for information


Tuesday, October 8
Kol Nidre
6:00pm – 8:00pm

Wednesday, October 9
Shacharit/Morning Services, including Yizkor                       
9:30am – 1:00pm
YK Movement
Afternoon Learning and Conversation
Neilah, including Havdalah
Potluck Break-the-Fast

For more details about our High Holy Day services, including location, parking, childcare, etc. click here.