April at Shir!

Shabbat Song and Study
April 25, 10am
Location: ZOOM

for link email: info@shirmke.org

It is the double parashah that induces fear and trembling in every spring b’nai mitzvah! Tazria-Metzorah teaches us about handling mysterious aspects of living in a body (or in fabrics or houses) such as childbirth and spiritually induced rashes. Because it is Rosh Chodesh Iyyar as well, we get to sing hallel and might choose to turn to the special haftarah, or a bit of pirke avot, traditionally read between Shavuot and Pesach (if we have had our fill of bodily afflictions!)





Contemporary Topical Conversations
Thursday April 30, 7pm

for link email: info@shirmke.org

The CSH Adult Education team is launching monthly discussions based on Reconstructing Judaism’s “EVOLVE – Groundbreaking Jewish Conversations.” Each conversation responds to one of the essays on the EVOLVE website.

Our first topic will be “Handling Subjectivity with More Care: There is Right and Wrong,” by Tamar Kamionkowski. The teaser on this essay says: “The integrity of any community depends on honesty in business and all interpersonal transactions, teaches the book of Deuteronomy. Fraudulence is an abomination.” Please read the essay before the meeting if possible!