Week of December 17, 2018

Solstice Service and Oneg
December 21, 7pm
Location: Graham Chapel at Plymouth

Chants, rounds, and niggunim will help us go deep into the dark and then bring in the light! Bring your deep breath, open heart, and a small nosh for the oneg.

Earlier in the evening, Plymouth Church is hosting the Pathfinder Holiday meal. Shir members who wish to may sign up to contribute to, and share in, the meal. See details here

Congregation Shir Hadash is once again providing and serving Christmas dinner at the St Vincent DePaul food pantry and meal site. There are opportunities to purchase, cook, and/or serve the noontime meal. It is great fun and good work.

Some tweaks for this year: Fresh potatoes were such a hit we are bringing fresh cooked vegetables this year. And we have added apple cider to the drink menu.

Details and sign up list can be found here

For more information, please contact Jim Hagen at hagcrew@wi.rr.com or 414-467-4102 or Susan Armour Seidman at sas@uwalumni.com or 414-759-8650


A note from Shir member Martha Carlin:
I wanted to let you know that this coming Sunday morning (December 23), the weekly Milwaukee CBS News Magazine will be about Christmas dinner in medieval England, presented by me, with the expert assistance of William Edmundson (my current TA), and Laura Otto (UWM Chief Science Writer and Media Rep). We are interviewed by the Milwaukee CBS reporter Whitney Martin.We filmed it Tuesday, in the magnificent Victorian-style twin kitchens of the UWM Alumni House and had lots of fun!The show will be broadcast this Sunday at 7 AM (sorry about the early time!), on Milwaukee CBS (channel 58).
Marquette Theatre's photo.
A student written and produced play at Marquette
January 8, 7pmThis production about “how the color of one’s skin can lead to a very different experience of the world” has gotten rave reviews and will be shown once more before going on the road for a theater festival. This will be an amazing way to continue our conversation about white privilege. CSH has acquired 10 tickets that can be purchased from Rabbi Michal for $10. Please email her at rabbimichal@shirmke.org to reserve yours! Additional tickets may be purchased here .
An enormous thank you to Shir members who so generously donated to the Shir Hadash and Tikkun Ha-Ir Holiday Gifts For the Homelessdrive. If you didn’t get a chance to bring something to Shir and would like to support the essential work that Tikkun does in an effort to ‘repair the city’, donations may be made https://thi-milwaukee.org/donate/ or checks may be mailed to Tikkun Ha-Ir Milwaukee, PO Box 090287, Milwaukee, WI 53209.Donations through 2018 will be matched, so double your impact with a donation.

Week of October 29

Solidarity Shabbat “Pop-up” Dinner
November 2, 6pm
Location: Sweeney/Woll residence

A hearty fall soup and fresh-baked challah awaits all who wish to spend this Shabbat evening together.
Sign up here so we know how many to plan for!

Solidarity Song and Study
November 3, 10am
Location: Shir space at Plymouth

Dr. Irfan Omer, Professor of Theology and Interfaith Studies at Marquette, will join us as we explore the stories found in both Torah and Quran. We begin, as always, with prayer and song followed by a morning nosh. Bring a Torah text and nibble to share and your friends and family!!  We have invited members of the Plymouth church community to join us as well.

Shir Community Table
November 9, 6pm
Location: Home of Eve Dicker Eiseman

Join your Shir chevre for Shabbat blessings, delicious food,
and interesting conversation in an intimate setting.
Sign up here

Shir Mishugas Service and Potluck
November 16, 6:30pm
Location: Shir space at Plymouth

You like music? You like food? You like lovely people?
You like Shabbat? You should come!!


CSH is co-sponsor of this special screening of two short films by guest Israeli filmmakers. This is a sister program to the screening of Senior Moments, on Sunday at the JCC, and features the filmmakers’ more personal, and political, work:

Join filmmaker Tamar Kay for a screening and talkback on her documentary The Mute House, about a Palestinian family living in the Jewish quarter of Hebron.In the short film The Arrest, directed by Yair Agmon, the Palestinian army occupies the Middle East in an alternate version of history, and Palestinian directors make action films about their experiences in the military.

Tikkun Ha-Ir has been offered a matching grant that will match all donations made now through the end of December. Please donate to help us continue to do the necessary work toward repairing our city. To date, the Food Justice Initiative crew has cooked and delivered approximately 20,000 meals! Once again this year Tikkun Ha-Ir will be embarking on their Holiday Gifts for the Homeless drive, November 26 – December 16. Stay tuned for more details.

Click HERE to double your donation to Tikkun Ha-Ir.

What’s Nu – Week of October 8th


Musical Service and Potluck
October 12, 6:30pm
Location: Shir space at Plymouth

Enjoy the first spirited, musical service and delicious potluck of the Jewish year!


Shir Community Table
October 19, 6pm
Location: TBA – Host needed!

Join your Shir chevre for food and conversation at a lovely, intimate gathering.




“The Paper and Gene Trails: Researching Your Family Roots.”
Thursday, October 18, 7-9pm
Location: At Plymouth in the Upper Study.

Led by Karyn Rotker.

YK and Beyond

Shabbat Shuvah Service
September 15, 10am

Kol Nidre Service
September 18, 6:30pm

Yom Kippur Day
September 19, 9:30am

Song and Study 
September 22, 10am

Sukkah Building and Sukkot Celebration
September 23, 4PM and 6PM

Simchat Torah Celebration
September 30, 7pm


Tuesday, September 18
Kol Nidre
6:30pm – 8:30pm

Wednesday, September 19
Shacharit/Morning Services, including Yizkor
9:30am – 1:00pm

YK Movement

Afternoon Learning and Conversation

Neilah, including Havdalah

Potluck Break-the-Fast


10am, September 22
Song and Study
2400 E. Stratford Ct.

The new year has started but the Torah cycle is not quite finished! After singing some morning chants and blessings, we will explore the final chapters of Deuteronomy and the end of the life of Moses. Bring a morning treat and a Torah text. Come at 9:45 if you want to grab that first cuppa’ something!


6pm, September 28
Sukkot Community Tables

We invite all of our members who have their own Sukkah to invite Shir members to join them for a Shabbat Sukkot meal. There is also opportunity to host at the community sukkah at Plymouth if someone wishes to. Please let Rabbi Michal know if you are interested in hosting a table this evening, for any other meal during the Sukkot holiday, or for any shabbat in the future!!


Preparing for the High Holy Days

Saturday September 1st, 7:30pm
Location: Shir Space at Plymouth

This is the final liturgical marker prior to Rosh Hashanah.
We will explore the themes of the core yuntif prayers and their meaning for us today.
Enjoy a sweet dessert potluck, havdalah, and a short, moving, musical taste of the
High Holy Day services to come.


10amSeptember 8
Song and Study
2400 E. Stratford Ct.Join us for the final morning gathering of 5778. After singing some morning chants and blessings, we will explore the final chapters of Deuteronomy and the end of the life of Moses. Bring a morning treat and a Torah text. Come at 9:45 if you want to grab that first cuppa’ something!10amSeptember 15
Shabbat Shuvah Service
Graham Chapel

Michelle Bak will guide us through the morning prayers, song, and learning on this special “Shabbat of Turning”. Join us for the first and highest Shabbat of the year.



Sunday, September 9

Kabbalat HaShanah – Welcoming the New Year
7:30pm – 9:00pm

Dessert Oneg

Monday, September 10

Shacharit/Morning Services
9:30am – 12:30pm

Location: Hubbard Park in Shorewood

Tuesday, September 11

Rosh Hashanah Retreat
9:30am – 2:00pm
Location: Private Home, contact us for information

Tuesday, September 18

Kol Nidre
6:30pm – 8:30pm

Wednesday, September 19

Shacharit/Morning Services, including Yizkor
9:30am – 1:00pm

YK Movement

Afternoon Learning and Conversation

Neilah, including Havdalah

Potluck Break-the-Fast


What’s Nu @ CSH – Week of August 5, 2018


6:30pm August 10
Musical Service and Potluck
Location: Shir space at Plymouth

Join us for the last potluck of the Jewish year as we prepare to welcome the month of Elul. The theme of the month – which can be considered an acronym for the Hebrew that means “I am my beloved and my beloved is mine” – is perfect since we will be celebrating more special anniversaries. Join Marilyn and Bob Jacobs, Judy and Howard Tolkan, and Debbie and Bill Berg as they celebrate a collective 155 years of wedded bliss!!


6pm, August 17th
Shir Community Table
Home of Nita Salzman (Shorewood)

Enjoy a delicious meal and warm company in an intimate setting. Sign up here to RSVP and note your contribution to the table.



Preparing for the High Holy Days

Shir is hosting two events to help us prepare for the upcoming Days of Awe.

Screening of Ushpizin
Saturday August 18th, 7pm
Location: TBA

Join us for this delightful Israeli film that takes place in the Old City during the holiday of Sukkot. A ba’alei teshuvah (newly religious) couple struggling to make their new life work is challenged by unexpected guests (ushpizin) from his former, wilder, life. Bring your favorite movie snack. Popcorn and drinks will be provided.


Saturday September 1st, 7pm
Location: Shir Space at Plymouth

This is the final liturgical marker prior to Rosh Hashanah. We will learn about the evolution of the core yuntif traditions, enjoy a sweet dessert potluck, make havdalah, and gather for a short, musical, moving taste of the High Holy Day liturgy.


High Holy Days Planning Begins!

Did you enjoy our High Holy Days gatherings last year? Would you like to help make them happen this year? We’d love to have you join the HH Logistics Team!

We have opportunities for those able to help with a single task or two:

Comfort during services (fans, hydration etc)
Decor/Aesthetics/Gym Setup
Setup/logistics for services, meals, programs
Musicians’ pre-fast meal

If you are an old-hand at this, great! If your new to this, we have mentors who will happily work along with you.

Interested? Have questions?
Contact Reesa at 414-975-5973 or at reesag5@gmail.com.


Members Corner

Shir members Marilyn and Bob Jacobs and Jim Winston will be part of the DIY Kitchen Band at this Sunday’s Bluegrass Festival at Pioneer Village in Saukville.

Come out, enjoy some music, support your Shir chevre, and grab a washboard!!

All the details are here (http://www.cedarburg.org/events/details/bluegrass-at-the-village-3446) .

What’s Nu @ CSH – Week of July 2, 2018





7pm July 6
Summer Shabbat
Location: Shir space at Plymouth

Special story and oneg in honor of David and Sandy Brusin’s Anniversary!


​6pm​ ​July 13
Shir Community Table
Location: TBA – Host needed!

Join your Shir chevre for food and conversation at a lovely, intimate gathering.


10am Saturday August 4
Song and Study
Woll/Sweeney Home
2400 E Stratford Ct, Shorewood

The book of Deuteronomy provides not only a review of the wanderings in the desert but also a window into our political and theological history. Come and learn more about this “second law” or D’varim – all these words. Please bring a nosh to share. Come at 9:45 for that first cuppa something!


​​6:30pm August 10
Musical Service and Potluck
Location: Shir space at Plymouth

Join us for the last potluck of the Jewish year as we prepare to welcome the month of Elul.


As we update the Shir website, we are seeking more photos of us doing our stuff – playing music, dancing, pot lucks, learning, schmoozing, the ungala, garden projects and christmas dinner and other justice events. Dig up your photos and send them to Rabbi Michal! Please understand not all photos will be used.

Monday, July 9, 7pm
Shir space at Plymouth

​Exploring the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict through a Dual Narrative Lens
with guest teacher Rabbi Michael Cohen of the Arava Institute

Narratives are one of the anchors that help us ground our lives and infuse them with purpose. Confronting an opposing narrative challenges how we contextualize our lives. This is the power of the dual narrative lens. It is essential that Israelis and Palestinians – as well as organizations and governments from outside the region working to mitigate and resolve the conflict – better understand the two narratives.

Last November marked the 100th and 50th anniversaries of two seminal documents of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Balfour Declaration, which began the diplomatic process leading to the partition of Palestine and the creation of the state of Israel, and Resolution 242, the basis for the Egyptian/Israeli and Jordanian/Israeli peace treaties as well as the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli talks since Oslo (1993). These documents provide a window into both perspectives of the Arab-Israeli conflict and highlight the importance of the dual narrative.

Join Rabbi Michael M. Cohen (RRC ’90) for an exploration of these two documents through the Dual Narrative Lens. Rabbi Michael has been involved with the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies since 1996. He also teaches Conflict Resolution at Bennington College. He has written scores of articles across the Middle East on the Arab-Israeli conflict and has been a Policy Advisor to the Office of the Special Envoy for Middle East Peace of the U.S. Department of State.

​Saturday July 21st, 7:30 pm​
​Graham Chapel at Plymouth

Tisha B’Av Observance

We will blend learning and traditional ritual with the creation of our own laments of the destruction in our lives and world. Havdalah will mark the transition from shabbat into this solemn day. ​Bring a candle or flashlight to read by as the light fades.

It looks like summer may actually arrive and the
Surplus Harvest/Chop Shop projects will begin operations on July 9.

​We ​​are seeking volunteers to help with collecting produce, preparing food​,
​and distributing healthy vegetable and fruit products.

​Please see the attached flyer here for more information.

Questions may also be directed toTHI board (and Shir) member Susan Armour Seidman (sas@uwalumni.com or 414 759 8650) or THI Food Justice Coordinator Karen Royster (414 426 4473)