Thoughts from the Wild West

I have returned to wonderful MKE after a week in what sometimes felt like another world. The beauty, the open sky, and the amazing buffalo and other wildlife were memorable (see below for a great look at an amazing beast!) However, what had the most impact on me was delving deeper into the history of the region.  It was hard not to feel sad and angry, and to explore my role or responsibility as the descendant of individuals struggling with their own oppression on another continent.

On Yom Kippur day I will share some of my experience and of my inquiry into the nature of humanity and of religion, referring to the biblical rituals and traditions as well as an exploration of native society.

I hope to see many of you this Saturday night as we wrestle with making ancient traditions of the Days of Awe relevant and meaningful. And please see below for opportunities to engage more deeply in the rituals, liturgy, and community during our HHD services.