Rosh Hashanah is behind us. …….

I am still hearing and feeling the echoes of Rosh Hashanah: our music, wisdom shared by our speakers, voices of readers of Torah and poetry, the beauty of our new artwork, the delight of being together. During these these days-in-between you might find moments to stop along the way to hear your own echoes and to remember if there was anything that needs to be said to someone close to you, including yourself.

As you heard from Jason, the list of people to thank is long, and much longer still when we add the names of those who made SO much happen over the past year. As you heard from me, we will continue to work on ways to make it easy, rewarding, and meaningful to connect to and support one another and the community in the coming year. Looking back and forward, I wish to acknowledge Max Samson and Michelle Bak, who led the RHII retreat and are leading and Shabbat Shuva Service, respectively, enhancing our holiday experience and allowing me to be a bit more Michal and a bit less Rabbi for some blessed moments during these days.

I appreciate the compliments, comments, and requests received following Rosh Hashanah services as I continue to fine-tune our ritual for Yom Kippur and think about the years to come. There will be a formal opportunity to share feedback when the holidays are over, but your input is welcome at any time.

Please look closely at the schedule below for all the details for Yom Kippur and the plans for the weeks to come! Please also note the special requests for maintaining our sacred space, the HHD Food Drive, and break-the-fast meal.