Last night I had the pleasure of teaching a session on “Jewish Time” for the community-wide introduction to Judaism course, hosted by the JCC. How exciting to introduce learners, seekers, and future members of Jewish families, whether through marriage or conversion, to unique aspects of Jewish life and practice. Somehow we covered topics as diverse as “Why is it year 5779?” to “How is Shabbat an antidote to slavery?” For the last few minutes I answered questions about Reconstructionist Judaism; as you know I am fond of sharing our rich and values-based legacy.

Todah rabbah to Rabbi David Brusin for leading last night’s shiva minyan for Bob Jacobs and to the many community members who gathered to support Marilyn and her family. We will gather again this evening and hope that the weather does not preclude participation. Of course safety is of the utmost importance, and Marilyn will certainly be pleased to hear from you at any time. Staying in touch and expressing your concern and affection after shiva is over is a mitzvah!

As a result of tonight’s shiva, Shir’s February board meeting has been moved to next Thursday evening. It is the first meeting with our new leadership and everyone is welcome to join us! And as always, I invite you to look below for more ways to engage with and support our community through ritual, study, good works, and FUN!